Like a Rose

With Burns Night just around the corner, I’ve decided to channel my inner Bard and turn my hand to poetry. 

Although I’ve made my name writing copy and content, poetry is a form of writing that has always fascinated me. It’s something I’ve never explored professionally, but over the years, I’ve written many short poems for friends and family.

And as we prepare to celebrate the life of Scotland’s national poet, I’ve chosen to celebrate the most important person in my life – my beautiful daughter, Emilia-Rose.

Becoming a father has changed me more than I ever imagined. It’s made me more emotional. More caring. More aware of the world around me.

Of a world filled with anger and despair. Homelessness and poverty. Terrorism, racism and sexism too.

That’s not the world I remember growing up in. And it’s not the world I want Emilia-Rose to grow up in.

I believe the future can be as bright as we want it to be. If we nurture and care for our children, they’ll develop and grow. And with just the right nourishment, they’ll spread love, hope and kindness. Just like a rose.

This is a poem about the future. About good over evil. About hope over fear.

It’s a poem for my child. For your child too. I hope you like it.

Like a Rose

A rose is a symbol

Of romance and love,

A symbol of promise

Not unlike the dove.


But how can one grow

With an outlook so dreich?

How can one prosper

With the future so bleak?


In a world so dark,

Where ‘Me Too’ is trending,

Where sexual abuse

Shows no sign of ending.


In a world so afraid

Of mass immigration,

Where our beloved NHS

Faces privatisation.


Instead of building bridges,

We build walls and close borders,

And the migrants who need us

Are given their marching orders.


Homelessness on our streets

Continues to rise,

When will those in power

Finally open their eyes?


To a world full of anger,

Of hurt and of fear,

Of suffering and poverty,

Both far and near.


To a land that’s in need

Of guidance and hope,

A land that needs rescued,

A land on the ropes.


But up from the darkness

Comes a girl or boy,

And children, like roses,

Bring much-needed joy.


The future is yours,

There’s no need for permission,

So stand up and be counted

And make it your mission.


To march with your mother,

Your auntie or sister,

And proudly proclaim,

‘Inferior to no mister!’


Treat others with respect,

Spread kindness and peace,

Pray equality will prosper

And hatred will cease.


Be equal, yet different,

Stand out from the crowd,

Find your own path in life,

Make your mum and dad proud.


If you do all of that,

The world will grow

Into a land filled with love,

Where no really means no.


For there is good in this world,

More goodness than bad,

And if good counters evil,

There’ll be no need to feel sad.


As the future nears closer

And each child like you grows,

Spread love, hope and kindness,

Just like a rose.

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