Editing and Proofreading

Helping you make more sense. And less mistakes.

Derek Howie - Editing & Proof Reading

Everyone needs a second set of eyes

I’d love nothing more than to immerse myself in your business, uncover your benefits and understand your customers. 

But I know some people prefer to write copy on their own. Maybe you don’t have the budget to outsource copy for a whole website or marketing brochure. Or maybe you simply love writing.

Whatever the reason, you should always get someone to cast their eye over your work. Preferably me.

I've got your back

As well as copywriting, UX writing and content writing, I proofread and edit other people’s copy to make sure it’s grammatically correct, accessible and SEO-friendly.

And I can edit and proofread yours too.

If it’s just a basic review you’re after, that’s not a problem. I can proofread your copy for spelling errors or typos.

But if you want to improve the flow and quality, editing is key.

This gives me the freedom to remove sentences, rewrite paragraphs and change the structure of your copy.

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