Calling all freelance writers and editors: not only Howie Writes

2019 has been the best year yet for Howie Writes – by some distance.

But one of the downsides of becoming busier and more successful is the amount of work I’ve had to pass up on.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s been refreshing to have the confidence and financial comfort to turn down projects. But I’m well aware of how much money – and how many opportunities – I’ve missed out on.

In 2020, that’s all going to change

Rather than being a ‘one-man band’ freelancer, I’m expanding the Howie Writes brand to become a user-focused writing agency specialising in copywriting, UX writing and content writing.

The business will still be called Howie Writes. I’ll still be personally involved in every project. And every piece of copy or content will be of the same quality that I personally provide.

It just might not be me actually writing.

My plan is to build a remote team of super talented freelance writers and editors to work alongside me. People that I admire and respect. That I can trust and rely on.

To get the ball rolling, I want to speak to the following:

Is that you? Or someone you know? Happy days.

Get in touch, email or send me a message on LinkedIn or Twitter.

All I’m looking for right now is a quick intro, a link to your website and any examples of your work. That’s it. Short, sharp and simple.

Here’s to 2020. Together.

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