Content writing

Want to raise awareness of your brand and improve your SEO? Of course you do.

Derek Howie - Content Marketing

Well you’re in the right place


The hub of any content marketing strategy should always be your blog. And that’s where I come in.

By writing informative, helpful and entertaining content, I can help you build trust and loyalty in your brand, improve your SEO – and increase leads and sales.

It’s (not) only words

Content marketing – the art of creating genuinely helpful content to attract and engage your audience – isn’t all about writing.

Your content marketing strategy can – and should – include images, videos, reports, infographics and a whole lot more.

But informative, entertaining and quality writing should always be your priority. And I’m here to help.

Helping to tell your story

I’ve yet to come across a business that doesn’t have valuable content to share. Most of the time, the content just isn’t in storytelling form yet.

But as a trained journalist, I can always find the human angle to a story.

That means I can help you tell your story – and humanise your brand while I’m at it.

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