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Derek Howie - Copywriting

A copywriter, eh?

No, that doesn’t mean I tell people about copyright. Yes mum, I’m talking to you.

Funnily enough, it means I write copy. Yep, that’s right – those words you’re reading right now.

And all the copy I write talks directly to your audience – the most important people in this whole copywriting game.

Seriously, they’re more important than you. Heck, they’re even more important than me.

OK, got it. So how do you create copy for your audience?

Well, that’s where a copywriter like me comes in.

I write copy that’s short, sharp and straight to the point. It tells your customer exactly how they can benefit from using your product or service. It speaks their language. And it tells it like it is.

Here are some of the approaches I’ll take when writing your copy. Don’t worry, I’m not going to share all my confidential copywriting secrets here.

Just enough to make you get in touch.

Features and benefits

Features and benefits

It’s pretty well-known that Glaswegians are fond of the odd f or b word – and Glasgow copywriters are no different. But I’m not talking swear words here, I’m talking features and benefits.

I’ll make sure your copy not only tells your reader what your product or service does, but what it does for them.

Plain English

Plain English

I might be based in Scotland but all the copy I create is written in plain English – with zero gobbledygook or jargon.

Why’s that? Because people, regardless of their intellect, prefer to read content that’s short, sharp and simple.

Do you comprehend this linguist approach that I utilise? Got it? Great.



I use conjunctions to start sentences. And I write short sentences too. Oh, and I don’t worry about using contractions.

Why? Because I write copy that reads well and makes you sound the way you talk. And that’s exactly what we’re trying to achieve.



Let’s get something clear first – I’m not an SEO copywriter.

I believe all copy should be written for users first and search engines second. But that doesn’t mean the copy I create isn’t fully optimised.

Well, unless I’m writing copy for offline mailers, leaflets and brochures. Obv.

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